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Frequently Asked Questions

Welding Bars

After how many cuts does the welding bar need to be replaced?

How do I clean the welding bar?

Service Codes

501-Replace Welding Bar

102-Problem with the Motor Driver

701-Sensor Board Faulty

702-Electronic Board Faulty

801-Heating Resistance not Present

240-Plastic Error

CoLibri Cover Machine Troubleshooting

What happens if my machine locks up?

What should I do if the machine doesn't cut?

What do I do if the machine is making a grinding or constant humming sound?

The cover is getting pulled by the machine.

CoLibri Covers

How long do the covers last?

Will the CoLibri covers ruin my books?

What do I do with the cut pieces or covers that I replace?

Our concern is how the covers would be recycled. Can they be placed in a curb side collection with other LDPE?

More support is needed

How can I contact CoLibri System for more support:

What if I need to send back my machine?

Maintenance Tips

100% Efficiency

Cleaning the Rubber Roller

Temperature Adjustment

Accounts, Orders & Estimates

How do I create an account?

How do I submit an order?

How do I get an estimate?

Can I use purchase order as method of payment?