CoLibri eco covers are made of a polyethylene made from sugarcane. It's production process captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions!

[1] How exactly are CoLibrì ECO Covers good for the environment?

CoLibrì covers are made of a clear, transparent and resistant polyethylene. However, unlike traditional polyethylene plastics, CoLibrì covers are made of Green Polyethylene (I'M GREEN™PE), which is polyethylene made from sugarcane, instead of petroleum or natural gas.

Green Polyethylene guarantees the same characteristics of petrochemical polyethylene in terms of applications, functionality and recyclability, with a major advantage: since it is made from sugarcane, its production process captures carbon dioxide. That is why we can say that Green Polyethylene helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

[2] What is the difference between CoLibrì covers and other protective books covers?

Unlike other commonly used protective covers, CoLibrì eco-friendly book covers are not glued to the book, therefore the material of the book's cover and the material of the CoLibrì cover can be easily separated when it is time to recycle them.

That is a crucial factor since when recycling materials, as each individual material to be isolated from others.

CoLibrì covers are made of Green Polyethylene (GREEN™PE) which is 100% recyclable material and, very importantly, the covers themselves are easy to recycle after use. Other protective book covers are also made of recyclable plastics such as Polyester and Polypropylene. However, since they are stuck to the book's cover, they cannot be recycled; you cannot recycle plastic that has paper stuck to it. Other covers are made of vinyl, which is very difficult to recycle.

Not to mention the production process of Green Polyethylene (GREEN™PE) which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while the production of other plastics actually adds CO2 to the atmosphere.

Start to be proud of the choice you make for your protective book covers: order your CoLibrì System now!

[3] How about recycling the covers? How do I do that?

When it is no longer useful, you can recycle your Green Polyethylene (I'M GREEN™ PE) CoLibrì covers just like any other polyethylene material.

Most curbside recycling programs do not currently accept plastic bags, film, and wrap. Store drop-off programs have been the primary means of recovering clean and dry bags, film, and wrap for more than 20 years. Retailers usually consolidate the material with other film like pallet wrap at their distribution centers and then sell the material to companies making products like composite lumber.

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