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Welding Bars for CoLibri Book Covering Machines

Welding Bars for CoLibri Book Covering Machines

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Cover books fast with CoLibri book covering machines.

  • Welding bar replacements enhance book covering machine performance.
  • Replacing the welding bar improves machine lifespan.
  • New welding bars ensure trimming and welding accuracy over time.

The CoLibrì automatic book-covering machine is so well designed that it requires minimal maintenance. The only part that requires routine maintenance or replacement is the welding bar. Your welding bar should be inspected after 5,000 cuts to ensure it is welding and trimming properly. Luckily, CoLibri machines were built with a digital display that will let you know when you have hit 5,000 cuts.

If the machine does not appear to be welding and trimming properly after 5,000 cuts, you should replace the welding bar.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must choose the correct welding bar for your machine.

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