Getting Started with CoLibrì

New to the CoLibrì System? Here is how to get started!

The Colibri System consists of a desktop machine and polyethylene covers.

The Colibri Book Covering Machines are efficient, compact, and portable. You can cover large quantities of books wrinkle and bubble-free. The machine senses, checks, lowers, welds, trims, and rises again with the simple touch of a button.

Advanced digitally controlled sensors offer perfect results every time and the digital display makes it easy to learn and cover books with ease.

The machine is available in 2 sizes:

  • E-Leonardo
    • Covers and Protects MOST size of books
    • Works with Mini and Standard CoLibri Covers
    • Dimensions: 22" X 3.54" X 16.15"
    • Weight: 15 LBs
  • E-DaVinci 
    • Covers and Protects ANY size of books
    • Works with Mini, Standard, and Big CoLibri Covers
    • Dimensions: 27" X 3.54" X 17.32"
    • Weight: 20 LBs

The Colibri Covers are non-toxic, recyclable, soft to the touch, water resistant, durable, and removable. 

They are available in 3 sizes (Mini, Standard, and Big) and in 3 collections that feature differences in thickness and material (3.5 mil, 4.7 mil, CrystalClear™ 3.5 mil).

The covers are available in 3 sizes:

  • Mini: dimensions 13" x 9 ¾", for books up to 6” x 9”
  • Standard: dimensions 19 ⅜" x 12 ⅝”, for books up to 9” x 11 ¾ ”
  • Big: dimensions 24 ¾ " x 16 7/8 ", for books up to 11” x 16 ¼”

The covers are available in 3 collections:

  • 3.5 mil: transparent polyethylene, 3.5 mil " thick, designed for low to moderate book use
  • 4.7 mil: Transparent polyethylene, 4.7 mil " thick, designed for high-use environments
  • CrystalClear™ 3.5 mil: blend of polyester and polyethylene that creates a cover that stretches less, repels scratches, and is absolutely clear, 3.5 mil " thick
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