New Customer Discount Conditions



Our customer success team is reviewing your information to confirm you are a new customer. Once confirmed, you will receive your 20% discount code via email from You should receive a response within 48 hours of your submission, so check your spam folder if you don't see an an email in your inbox. 

Your purchase must meet the following criteria in order to successfully apply the coupon code. If you try to use the coupon code on a purchase that does not meet these conditions it will not work.

  1. It must be your first purchase from the Colibri System website.
  1. Your purchase must include at least one (1) new Colibri book covering machine: e-Leonardo or e-Davinci. Please note, you must purchase at least one new machine: purchasing a single refurbished machine will not activate the coupon code. You may add a refurbished machine on top of a new machine purchase.
  1. Your purchase must include at least two (2) boxes of Colibri covers.
  1. You must utilize the coupon code within ninety (90) days of receiving the code.*

 Welcome to the CoLibrì USA family! Please contact us via if you have any questions.

*If the purchase is delayed due to bureaucratic red-tape or budgetary review, contact our sales support team at before the end of the 90-day period for a potential extension of the deadline.