Invest In Book Protection

Preserve Priceless Books And Reduce Your Repurchasing Costs. 

Every year, libraries,universities, and other organizations can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to replace faded and damaged books every  — until now! Our patented book-covering systems can protect your inventory from moisture and scratches and double the lifespan of your books so your organization can spend its money on what’s most important: expanding your offerings and developing more business. Visit our shop today to see our full line of book-protecting products!




Investing in a book-covering system provides your organization many benefits including:

  • Preserve your books and documents for archiving in as little as 20 seconds
  • Custom-fit, PAT-certified protection for your books
  • Shield your books from moisture and scratch damage
  • Decrease repurchasing needs
  • Protect fragile, older documents from aging and deterioration



At CoLibri System, we’re passionate about preserving the history and culture of the world for future generations to enjoy and learn from. That’s why we’ve introduced our patented book-covering systems to make it easier than ever for libraries, universities, and other organizations to protect and extend the lifespan of their books. With the e-Leonardo or e-DaVinci, your organization can enjoy custom-fit protection for your books at the push of a button. Order one for your facility today!

Custom Protection In No Time

Our book-covering systems allow your organization to significantly cut down on the time you currently spend preserving books and documents for archiving. In just 20 to 30 seconds, our machines automatically cover each book in a precisely fitting, transparent cover made from a blend of polyester and polyethylene. The covers are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and completely recyclable.

PAT-Certified Protection

Our book-covering systems deliver an unbeatable, PAT-certified level of protection for your books. Not only do our covers make your books moisture and scratch resistant, but they also protect them from dust, color fading, and yellowing. With our book covers, it is possible to double the lifespan of your books.

Easy To Learn And Use

Delivering an unmatched level of protection for your books in seconds is surprisingly simple. Our book-covering systems utilize a digital display to make using the machine easy, and the foot pedals allow for complete hands-free use. Our machines utilize digital sensors to identify the dimensions of each book and are designed to handle temperature, timing, pressure, and other fine details so each book gets a precise, perfect fit every time.

Using our machines should be a breeze, but if you find yourself with questions, we also offer a host of resources on our website and YouTube page to answer common questions and help you most effectively use our patented book-covering systems. We’re passionate about preserving the world’s knowledge, and we want to make it as easy as possible for your organization to preserve its inventory to stand the test of time.

Visit our shop today to learn more about our book-covering machines and invest in the protection of your inventory today!