About Us

The CoLibrì Cover System  offers the most advanced, highest quality book covering system available worldwide. Founded and patented by CoLibrì System S.p.A. of Milan, Italy, in 2001, our easy and innovative system allows any type and size of book to be covered with the touch of a button. 

The system consists of a simple desktop machine and polyethylene covers. Manufactured to the highest standards, the covering machines are efficient, compact and portable. This carefully designed system is the simplest and most practical book covering system available.

In just 20 seconds, books have a sleek, clean, wrinkle and bubble free cover.  The CoLibrì Cover System gives each cover a custom fit. Covers are non-toxic, recyclable, soft to the touch, durable and removable. Books are protected from moisture, scratches, dust, fading and yellowing - protecting the text and helping to more than double the life of the book.


Our Vision is to preserve and appreciate society’s cultural heritage by protecting the books that carry and convey our knowledge and history.

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