While the old adage tells us to never judge a book by its cover, no one wants to borrow a library books with a torn, worn-out, dirty cover. However, book covers are not just about aesthetics: they have practical and financial benefits as well! 


Of course, the main reason to cover your books is quite practical: protection. Books that have an extra layer of protection are safer from the normal wear and tear that comes from regular use. Paperback books and collections geared for younger readers are particularly susceptible to damage. While there is no way to prevent all damage, keeping books covered certainly ensures greater longevity of library inventory.  


A poorly treated, under-protected collection can represent a big cost to libraries. While patrons who lose or cause extensive damage to books can be fined to cover replacement costs, there is no way to recoup the loss of funds needed to replace books after years of use. While it is normal for collections to become worn over time, covering your books can reduce the frequency of replacement expenditures by extending the life of your collection. Book covers practically pay for themselves when you take into account the money saved from reduced purchases of replacements. In fact, the extra savings can even allow you to purchase new books and expand your collection!  


Our system gives each cover a custom fit, protecting books from moisture, scratches, dust, fading and yellowing. This preserves the text and helps to more than double the lifespan of the book.   

Different collections have different needs and librarians have varying preferences. That is why we offer you various sizes and cover technologies to choose from, including ECO covers, extra thick covers, and crystal-clear transparent covers. Why choose CoLibri? Well, not only will you save money in the long-term by protecting your collection, but you will save time in the short-term with the fastest book covering system on the market! 

Please, take a minute to browse our shop section and feel free to contact out team if you have any questions! 



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