Why Cover Books with CoLibrì?

Why Cover Books with CoLibrì?

The CoLibrì system is without a doubt the fastest and most innovative book-covering system in the world. Collections have varied requirements, librarians have different preferences, and patrons possess varying levels of respect for the books they borrow. Consequently, it is a challenge to find one solution for everyone. Here at CoLibrì, we have responded to these variables by providing an assortment of covers to fit your specific needs. Our covers range from the especially robust Extra Thick Covers, the crystal-clear Transparent Covers, to the environmentally-friendly ECO Covers. Moreover, all our covers come in a variety of sizes. In fact, we have three distinct sizes for mini, standard and big books. 

The options do not stop at the covers: we also offer two machines. The E-DAVINCI covering machine is able to cover and protect books of ANY size. Its dimensions are 30 x 3.5 x 8.7 inches and it weighs 20 lb. The E-LEONARDO offers the possibility to cover and protect most sizes of books. In relation to dimensions, the E-LEONARDO is smaller than the E-DAVINCI but not less effective; it is simply a matter of what makes sense for your library and workflow! Essentially, the E-LEONARDO is lighter and more compact, which can be beneficial for librarians who do not need to cover many oversized books.  

Beyond the flexibility of options, what are the other advantages of the CoLibrì system? The principal benefit is the speed. There is not a faster system on the market; in 30 seconds or less you can cover any book. Much of the speed and ease of use comes from the fact you don’t need extra supplies like glue, tape, scissors, etc. Also, our machines have an automatic one-touch button and it's really easy to learn and use.  

 Another aspect that distinguishes CoLibri from other systems is the fact that ours is recyclable. Also, we offer ECO covers that contain I’M GREEN™ POLYETHYLENE. Polyethylene is normally produced from fossil fuels, such as oil or natural gas. I’m Green™ Polyethylene is a plastic material made from a renewable vegetable raw material: ethanol, which is extracted from sugar cane. 

So, why should you use CoLibri? Not only because you will save money in the long run by safeguarding your collection, but you'll also save time in the short run by using the quickest book covering machine available! 

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